About Us


WH Transportation is built on three tenets: professionalism, respect, and efficiency. From our beginnings as a small-scale transportation company, we have followed these principles in all that we do. Now, as a transportation management company we are committed to exemplifying these values through our dedication to professional and respectful service for all.

We expect all of our representatives to act professionally in their interactions. It is by virtue of their professionalism that each individual can express the meaningfulness of their job. Furthermore, we aim to express the high level of care we have for our clients through maintaining a constant respectful demeanor. Whether our clients are the disabled elderly or business professionals, we strive to treat them all with the same high-level of respect and compassion that our brand is based upon.

Beyond the culture we foster, WH Transportation prides itself on its efficiency. In order to meet the growing demands and high-volume of the transportation management sector, our company has developed a proprietary system of trip routing and scheduling. Incorporating this system with other company innovations has allowed us to provide more trips with fewer resources, in less time, and with greater accuracy. This mentality of efficiency not only helps us be more productive; it ensures that our clients consistently get the best service possible.

It is the combination of our exceptional client interactions created by our professional work environment, and the efficiency with which we operate that sets us apart. We take pride in the work we do and the respect we show to everyone. Most importantly of all, we pride ourselves on the help we can provide. This is reflected in our company slogan “We Help”, and as a company always seeking improvement, we welcome any opportunity to expand the help we can provide.


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